Targeted individuals spiritual warfare

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Targeted individuals spiritual warfare

We believe that targeted individuals have had their eyes opened by God to the spiritual reality of our world. The moment you first began noticing you were being gang stalked harassed by the demonic was your introduction to the supernatural, as no natural explanation of what a TI goes through could ever adequately explain away this demonic program. More likely than not, you were living a worldly life like most everyone in the world today.

Spiritual advice for TI's

This gave demons the legal right to harass you. Maybe you smoked a little pot.

targeted individuals spiritual warfare

Maybe you fornicated had sex outside of marriage. Maybe you viewed or were addicted to pornography. Maybe you gambled. Maybe you dabbled in witchcraft or the occult. Maybe you listened to worldly music that encouraged sin. Maybe your curse was generational, attached to your generational bloodline. Are you ready to claim the blood of Jesus Christ to take the fight to the enemy that torments you?

You can help determine how long this fiery trial tests you, but ultimately the length and severity will be up to God. We here at Gangstalking Unveiled are certain and confident that if you give yourself fully to Jesus Christ that you will begin experiencing relief.

You will be well on your way to freedom that is found only in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What Christ will ask of you in exchange is between you and He, but ultimately you will be called to share news of the gift He has given you. For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light. Ephesians Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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targeted individuals spiritual warfare

Finding Freedom Understanding what happened About the technology-based narrative God vs. This program is old. This program is evil. This program was devised by Lucifer himself. Lucifer hates mankind.

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Lucifer seeks our destruction. The gift is called life! Share this: Twitter Facebook. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.For those who are victims of gangstalking, a.

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As hornets will attack anyone who disturbs their nest, so demons will viciously attack those who dare to invade the kingdom of Satan to free the captives. This is not stated to frighten or dismay, only as a sober word of warning and caution. Engaging with the powers of the spirit world is not a game; it is a deadly serious undertaking.

We learned the hard way about the danger from malevolent demon spirits to the workers — physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is most foolhardy to underestimate the foe and his ability to counterattack. And counterattack he will, the severity of his blows being proportionate to the damage inflicted on his forces by the awakened believers. The more damage that is dealt to the kingdom of the prince of this world, the more severe you may expect his efforts at retaliation to be.

Keep in mind that the fighting that takes place in this contest will not be fought according to any rules with which you are likely to be familiar. Satan will stoop to any tactic to repel you and other workers, who come against him and his kingdom. He is the original rule breaker, and he will not hesitate to exploit any weakness you have. No slackness in your spiritual life will be overlooked in an effort to gain some advantage over you. Remember the example of Elijah who engaged in warfare at a high level against the ruling powers of darkness.

He came to the absolute peak of victory over the false prophets on Mount Carmel, putting them to open shames; but a short time later he was so totally demoralized, by a threat from wicked Jezebel, that he prayed to die I Kings ! If we are not careful, while we are praising and thanking God for victory, Satan will slip in upon us by the working of his hosts and seek to deal dreadful and hurtful blows to body, mind or spirit. These can reduce our rejoicing to shambles, in short order.

In this battle, no quarter is asked or given. It is all-out, total warfare. Woe to the unprepared! Christians certainly have thoroughly adequate protection available, but they are sometimes unfamiliar with the power available to them and how to effectively channel it. The enemy forces know all about the power they possess and how to extract the maximum advantage from it.

They will try to seize on our every weakness, ignorance or carelessness to their interest. Workers must not be frightened off by fiery trials, for they are certain to come I Peter We are promised blessings with persecutions Mark All of the raging mischief and overt hatred of the enemy is a sure sign that his interests are being seriously affected and overthrown.

Yet, in the beginning especially, the recoil and counterattacks of the devil and his hosts can seem to be terribly harsh. Lucifer is a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; he responds quickly to the first evidence of any real attack on his evil kingdom. In concept, he would believe in shooting a plane while it is taxiing or attempting to takeoff, rather than waiting until it is airborne.

We venture into this kind of work by being borne along by the power of the Holy Spirit Greek Haggais Pneumos — Holy Wind and we are lifted far above the limitations of our human flesh and frailties.

We go aloft as eagles do, borne upon the wind. Away with foolish pride and the self-sufficiency of mere, mortal men. It will not avail here. Only spiritually enlightened minds and humble hearts, filled with God-given compassion for the tormented captives, can hope to stand before the rage of this crafty and virulent foe.

When you begin to cast out demons, there will be severe repercussions as Satan mounts the offensive, seeking any vulnerable areas in the total being of the believer. If personal harassment will not deter the believer from pursuing spiritual warfare, the devil will broaden the scope of his offensive and will attack through your family and other professing believers.

My family and I and our church workers who became involved in deliverance were all subjected to severe, repeated and bizarre attacks, when we first launched into casting out demons. And we still periodically have weird attacks: apparitions; physical pains and sickness; the sound of footsteps; nightmares while awake, as well as during sleep; black figures bounding all over the bed pummeling you, ghostly hands touching; voices whispering; panting hot breath on the face; waves of icy air moving across and around you; growling; roaring; snorting; bellowing; and so forth.

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I do not exaggerate. Cold, raw terror to induce fear is one of his favorite approaches. Fear throws a person off balance, paralyzes his defenses, and makes him more susceptible to other attacks.A Targeted Individual is a person that has unwillingly been inducted into an experimental torture program that is run and funded by the CIA's Denver Headquarters.

Our Meetup group is here to help provide support for Targeted Individuals "TI"and to raise awareness of this government corruption. This group is affiliated with TargetedJustice. Or sign up with email. Already a member? Log in. Meetup members, Log in. COVID advisory For the health and safety of Meetup communities, we're advising that all events be hosted online in the coming weeks. Learn more. Start a new group. Sign up. Targeted Individual Awareness. Here is some information, of a spiritual nature, that I think is critical for TI's to know: Take it however you will, but this is how I see it.

You are not just the body that you see. You are a Soul. You are divine light in physical form. A unique aspect of source creator.

You have an agenda. A soul contract to fulfill. You need to establish a connection with your higher self to reach an awareness of that mission. Reality is far different from what we've been told. It is multi-dimensional.Hopegirl Youtube. In this show we cover some of the darker advanced technologies that are being used on our environment and the human population without our awareness or consent. We also present some important ways that people can protect themselves.

Once again, the disclosure information in this show has the potential to be explosive in the hands of the public. This show covers psychotronics, orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, gangstalking, nanotechnology, microwave warfare, chemtrails, voice 2 skull V2Kenergy weapons, sonic hearing, tracking technologies, rfid chip, artificial intelligence, mind control and psychological warfare. People from all walks of life are being recruited to be the eyes and ears of the State.

People from all races, ages, genders and every sector of society that you can think of are a part of this. It is a program called gangstalking that uses a variety of psychological operations and electronic harassment to try to get individual citizens to commit crimes and get themselves thrown in jail, or sent to a mental institution or worse yet, to commit suicide. A targeted individual T. The program is funded by the Government, and the T.

Most T. Targeting can happen to anyone in society. In the past primary targets of programs such as Cointelpro have been minorities.

Targeting however, can happen to anyone. The majority of the targets are often not aware that they are being targeted in this way. For those targets that are aware this is happening, they can be left feeling depressed, suicidal, confused, isolated and mentally unstable. The objective of the campaign is the total destruction of the Target. This program is hell on earth. V2K — voice to skull device — is a weapon use for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies.

V2K can also be used to induce or manipulate dreams or to deprive TI sleeping.Prayer demonstrates our total dependence on God for help, hope, guidance, and direction in our lives. These prayers will help victims of gang stalking take this spiritual war to the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

If you are being harassed by the demonic realm, these prayers will offer immediate relief. Whether or not the demons hear, He does. He is there to make it happen. Though the ultimate war has been won, Satan will do all he can to leave us discouraged, doubting, and defeated.

But God has not left us defenseless. I surrender all that I am and all that is in my life to You, to do Your work and to do Your will! Lord Jesus, I come and cast all my Earthly cares, burdens, and weights upon You and I receive of Your yoke and Your load for they are easy and light.

I choose to bless and curse not. Lord Jesus Christ, by faith I forgive these people who are coming against You, me, and Your will through witchcraft. Lord, these people are deceived in themselves thinking they are using Your power but are drawing on the powers of darkness.

Lord Jesus Christ, if these people continue sending forth these wrong prayers, spells, curses, witchcraft curses, witchcraft, voodoos, sorceries, enchantments, incantations, black magic, white magic words and power of wrong words, and do not repent, but continue in their wicked ways, I ask You Lord to deliver them of their strong delusion and send strong conviction upon them, in Your love and mercy.

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I pray for their deliverance out of the snare Satan has them entangled in. I ask Lord that they can no longer hear the voice of anything of the kingdom of darkness nor draw on the powers of darkness this day forth. Lord Jesus, I ask that they would lose all interest and power in doing any witchcraft.

Destroy all covenants with others who pray in agreement with them and their unrighteous agreements and the power of them. Lord, I ask that these people can only hear Your Voice, not a strange voice. Lord, I ask You to reverse all evil coming against me, my family, anyone or anything effected by their evil, including all evil residues, pains, evil spirits, effects, side effects, and stings. I ask You Lord Jesus Christ, according to John that you destroy and remove all self-condemnation, demonic condemnation, wrong soul ties, separation, sexual sin, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, bitterness, anger, resentment, strife, seeds of deception, vain imaginations, smoke screens, divination, diverting attention, paranoia, enslavement to anything, torments, pains, aches, seduction, control by the flesh and others, soul ties, cords and lay-cords, robbing of energy, doors of all types not of God, lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, bondages, slavery, pride of life, lying feelings, curses, ringing of the ears, compromise, avoidance, jealousy, fear, fear of what is coming against me, spiritual pride, practicing a sin habitually, words not initiated or willed of God, false motives and results of these attacks, assaults including aches, pains, headaches, migraines, infirmities, infections, diseases, sinus disorders, nausea, cancer, etc.

I ask You Lord Jesus Christ that You would fill us with Your Truth, that we recognize, receive, and walk in Your Truth and Revelations, shield and protection, for each of our lives, the lives of loved ones, my family members, and friends, our houses, cars, vehicles, lands, properties, work places, schools, government officials, and church members.

I ask You Lord Jesus to keep us from receiving and walking in or under any of the influences of ALL wrong words sorceriesall unrighteous agreements, their power, demons, pain, curses, and generational curses, all the days of our lives, down ten generations, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, amen! Lord please restore all Godly memories and those I need, the flow of Your Anointing through us to touch the lives of others, with all the spiritual abilities.

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Lord Jesus, focus us on You Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that we Hear Your Voice only, being led by the Holy Spirit, Your discernment spiritually and naturally, signs, and wonders, creative gifts flowing forth, to set the captives free, the lame to walk, the blind to see, and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Hide us in Your secret place, underneath Your wings, that the enemy cannot see us nor get to us, and these I am praying and interceding for. Read Psalms 35 aloud against the enemy. Lord, I ask that Your Presence and Your Light arise and shine around about me, and through me, and that You would be glorified.

Lord, be over us, in us, and through us completely. Lord Jesus, keep my heart filled and saturated with Your Heart and Love to overflowing now and throughout all the days of my life here on Earth and into Eternity with You! Lord Jesus, cause me to hear Your Voice only and not that of a demonic or evil spirit, nor strange voice. Lord Jesus Christ, activate everything You have placed in us to perform and be released to touch the lives of others and bring Your Life and Heaven here on Earth.There is a battle between the forces of darkness and light for control of this planet and the human consciousness, as well as control over the use of the human body and DNA.

The players are human and non-human, and involve the hierarchy of control that extends way beyond the planetary control mechanism of the Power Elite. Most of these artificial intelligence software systems installed in the planetary consciousness body, explicitly rely on the matter fields vibrating at certain parameters of low frequency, in order to maintain their invisibility within the human visible light spectrum.

As these lower dimensions roll up into the next harmonic scale, these dark forces, their agendas, such as the mainstreaming of Satanism, become much more visible and clear to the people of this earth, who are starting to see the clear evidence of the crimes made against humanity, and humanities children.

Those in positions of power have been put there explicitly because of their consent and willingness to carry out the crimes against humanity on behalf of the Negative Alien Agenda, in exchange for money, resources, power, temporary life extension immortality and control over the rest of the people. Some have been told they will be escorted to safety onto other planets, when and if disclosure events happen on a mass scale.

During this time of shift into the higher consciousness realms of the next harmonic universe, and the resultant need to create new paradigms that support the recognition of value for all human beings and for life itself, there are new multi-dimensional challenges for those humans that are taking a conscious, pro-active and leading role in their own evolution and the evolution of the planet.

These challenges come in many forms including psychic attack, artificial intelligence trackers, negative implants, tags and dark entities that direct interference in order to diminish the quality of our energetic resources, physical vitality and optimum functioning by harvesting and utilizing our precious resources.

As a result of living in the light, these humans, through their actions, influence and guide others to the light and truth, thereby exponentially increasing the power of the light and truth in this world, and diminishing the power of tyrannical control that the darkness uses to keep people in bondage and servitude.

Those awakening to remember themselves as multidimensional light-beings and becoming a part of the collective Starseed grid network on this Planet tend to be the targets for these dark forces and their technologies, such as methods used for electronic harassment. The energy of a highly conscious human being creates a frequency signal that activates the radar screen of awareness at the center of control for dark consciousness.

Once on the radar screen of darkness, darkness places a tag, artifact, attachment or cord on the enlightened being to track them and determine if they are a threat to the survival of the ego predator mind, and the type of self-awareness that the darkness represents as a consciousness. The forces of darkness include many broad streams of sentient beings that are trapped in the planetary consciousness body, and they exist as spiritual forces that are locked into time and matter, unable to evolve, until humanity stops feeding them.

It is important to understand that the forces of Satanism are not intellectual forces as claimed by the atheists behind the Church of Satan, but encompass a massive hierarchy of darkly primitive conscious beings, many of these forces can be described by an energetic signature that directly connects them with Fallen Angelics, Watchers, such as the Baphomet or Leviathan fields.

Targeted Souls

These collective satanic forces make up collective consciousness streams that then can be connected to demonic bodies or generated to create more groupings of satanic hierarchy in the earth. These forces can hop into a human vessel that is unaware, weakened, and mind controlled by the consent of the satanic vibration. These satanic beings exist at different levels of darkness and depravity, however, they operate together as a collective consciousness force that is directed by off planet entities that are higher and more powerful in the Satanic chain of command.

Satanic forces are not sovereign entities, they are parasitic and need human energy to exist, they can appear human or not human as Negative Alien bodies, and they are trapped in the matter fields or low densities, unable to evolve beyond the bondage and servitude to the earth plane, and are slaves to those dark forces that are higher on the food chain.

Those of us committed to the Law of One, to promote sovereignty and freedom for this planet and humanity, have more grid and energetic support than we have ever had. If we have had Possession, implant and entity harassment, the Spiritual Deliverance techniques should offer relief with some level of commitment to the process. We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these Fallen Angelic entities and the negative energies here.

This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, where they came from and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a War Over Consciousness that requires we master the Psycho-Spiritual Warfare being directed toward humanity.

In many cases, this will require we directly experience Alien Implants, entities, psychic attack and forms of alien aggression. We cannot heal the Consciousness of our planet until we understand exactly how it became corrupted with the reptilian virus and synthetic Alien Machinery. Since major portals opening, we have undergone sequential events that have radically shifted the Universal Geomantic Structure.

This is the architecture linking celestial bodies, constellations, and stars with our planet. Transmissions are activated the planetary body to communicate with the intelligent living matrix of the Canis Major constellation and the Sirius Star System.

This activated previously dormant or corrupted communication links and Ley Lines networks into the planetary body. These new links cannot be circumvented by alien machinery or their synthetic timelines.

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These triad communication networks are analogous to dropping a new intergalactic wireless internet hook up from Sirius B and the massive Sirius Sun, into the planetary body. The main axis of this network was placed in the 33rd North Parallel line and is intended as a support for the Starseeds that work the grids in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law.

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Additionally, this new network supports progress with the alien invasion problem located in the Equator line of the planet, with an infestation of nests and phantom wormholes and underground bases. This is significant because this is a demarcation point in the War Over Consciousness memories that relate to the future timelines of evolution of the human race on this planet.Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you.

Gang stalking is classic Christian persecution. You may still have yet to undergo the conversion experience in all of this, which makes your fiery trial all the more difficult to come to terms with. You might even be coping with marijuana bad!!! Your fiery trial is going to last as long as you want it to. God is waiting on you to realize what this all is. Homeless people are not receiving gift cards in order to persecute you. The demons that dwell within many people in our society are messing with you, however.

Welcome to the world of familiar spirits.

The Secret Allies of Targeted Individuals

See the video below to watch Pastor David Lynn encounter a familiar spirit during his ministry on the busy streets of Toronto:. Your trial will last for as long as you refuse to engage in outright spiritual warfare prayer we have many here and here on the website. Your trial will last for as long as you refuse to repent and remove doorways you have open to the demonic in your own life.

Conscious men, women and children did not suddenly join the most illegal program humanity has ever known. Ask yourself: Why is it global? Why do T. Our adversary is Satan himself. The same Satan who was defeated when Jesus Christ was God made flesh, cast out unclean spirits, taught the gospel, died for our sins and resurrected on the third day.

You were one of His lost sheep and He came for you. He loves you.

targeted individuals spiritual warfare

If you would only look to Him for your protection, He has promised you something something Simon and myself and many others can testify to. What is it?

targeted individuals spiritual warfare

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke KJV. How long do you want to suffer? How much longer do you want to live in alienation from God?

How much longer will you refuse to repent and sacrifice your sins so that less and less stands between you and He? The choice is yours, targeted individual.


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