Feadship explorer yacht

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Feadship explorer yacht

During her government service she patrolled the freezing waters of the North Atlantic for illegal fishing. She was taken out of service in and has been converted by the Atlantic Refit Centre into an explorer yacht. The vessel was in good condition and so designer Philippe Briand chose to keep most of the original boat, including the original funnel.

Enigma XK has a range of 12, nautical miles and completed a season in Antarctica in Named after a notorious wave off the coast of Fiji, Cloudbreak was built for an owner with a passion for heli-skiing and global exploration. Her warm and inviting interiors by Christian Liaigre feature a superyacht gymsauna and massage area. The explorer yacht differs from the first two yachts in the series due to her advanced diesel-electric propulsion system. With her two azipods she can cruise at 12 knots for over 7, nautical miles.

Nautilus also features a range of innovations designed to help reduce her footprint on the areas that she visits, including systems to deal with exhaust fumes and for dealing with garbage management and storage.

Planet Nine is an ice-classed explorer was designed to roam the globe. Standout features include a commercial-standard helipad on the aft deck with a large hangar beneath for her MDN Explorer helicopter, and a side-loading garage providing space for three custom Rupert tenders. Power comes from a pair of 2,hp Caterpillar engines for a top speed in excess of 16 knots.

When trimmed back to 14 knots, she can cruise for 6, nautical miles without needing to refuel herlitre tanks. A dynamic positioning system makes it easier to visit remote and environmentally sensitive areas. With massive 2, GT of volume, she can accommodate up to 16 guests with 26 crew on board, and features a panoramic observatory lounge, onboard cinema, and beach club.

The As well as being one of the world's largest explorer yachts, she is the largest superyacht ever to be built in Spain and underwent a three month refit in for her new owner. Naia has many of the attributes of a high-spec explorer yacht, including an HCA certified helipad — the sort normally found on North Sea oil platforms. The black water treatment system is so thorough that the yacht compiles with the strictest regulations, meaning she can travel to Alaska, and four satellite domes provide continuous internet connectivity.

feadship explorer yacht

Sherpa features vast expanses of open deck space for storing everything from tenders to helicopters. Designed by British designers RWD and delivered inSherpa features a number of luxury finishes such as teak decking, stainless steel detailing and accommodation for up to 13 guests, as well as 22 crew. Exterior Styling : RWD. Similar in style to his previous yacht, Northern Star features an ice-class hull and is robustly designed for permanent use in the northern hemisphere.

With a range of 6, nautical miles, she combines the luxury of a superyacht with the go-anywhere capability of an explorer yacht. Luxury yacht Northern Star available for charter. Yersin is a steel-hull, ice-classed explorer yacht built at Piriou commercial yard in Brittany.

Piriou collaborated with exterior designer Pierre-Jacques Kubis to design a motor yacht capable of cruising the most extreme conditions. Built for oceangoing navigation, transoceanic passages and ice exploration, Yersin is to be used for research. She carries several tenders to aid the campaigns. She served the Russians for 26 years as an oceangoing salvage tug and electronic eavesdropping vessel. After breaking down in an American port she was abandoned and sold at auction by the American authorities.

Legend has since completed a month refit at Icon Yachtswhich included a 3. The helipad is commercially certified and a submarine can be stored in a forward garage. The bulwark and deckhouse were also extended to give her sleeker looks.As superyacht brands go, the Feadship name has long been synonymous with quality, excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

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To own a new Feadship yacht may be a badge of prestige, but to own a classic Feadship is to have a piece of superyacht history. Each has its own story and a share in the DNA that has made Feadship what it is today. Feadship itself started off as an export association the name Feadship is derived from First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders although its boat-building credentials stretch back into the 19th century through its early member yards, among them de Vries and van Lent.

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The year was and post-war Europe had little appetite for luxury yachts, so this group of far-sighted Dutch builders — and naval architect HW de Voogt — looked to America for salvation. The party on the occasion of her launch has gone down in the annals of Feadship history.

It was by no means all plain sailing, however, as the Dutch entity grappled with such problems as American reluctance to order yachts on paper, the adaptations necessary to suit American requirements and tastes — different voltage and even light bulbs were needed, and large, state-of-the-art galleys and sumptuous bathrooms were expected, the effects of heat and humidity on its yachts in places such as Florida and the vagaries of the economy. But Feadship worked hard on solutions and the yachts that emerged were acclaimed as masterpieces of quality and distinction.

Almost uniquely, Feadship offered yachts that were completely custom designed and built for their owners. This period saw the emergence of the Feadship custom superyacht as larger and larger yachts were commissioned by ever more prestigious clients — among them Malcolm Forbes, president of Forbes Magazine, whose steel-hulled motor cruiser The Highlander is credited with seducing Henry Ford II into commissioning Santa Maria.

Ordered by the Forbes family for corporate use, Highlander was successor to a long line of yachts of the same name — most of which have been Feadships. Above all, it represented the ultimate customisation with the implicit declaration that this was a Forbes yacht as much as it was a Feadship. As the concept of a superyacht evolved through the s, Feadship had to take on board a new challenge in the form of the professional interior designer.

Up until then interior architecture and decoration had largely been an in-house affair, but owners started employing their own interior decorators and the specialist trade in yacht interior design was pioneered by Pierre Tanter in Lac II. Initially this caused difficulties as drawings had to be constantly changed following designer consultations with owners, but Feadship learnt valuable lessons working with many talented designers, among them Diana Yacht Designresponsible for Karina C.

Her original Diana Yacht Design interior was replaced by a Michael Kirschtein one when she was refitted in Jon Bannenberg was to shake things up even more when he came on the scene because his work involved not only interior design but also exterior styling. This signalled a whole new way of thinking at Feadship for restyling had profound effects on stability, weight, balance and performance.

Working together with open minds, difficulties were overcome and the exceptional results of this co-operation include yachts such as My Gail IIAzteca and Paraiso. Among the most notable changes introduced by the Feadship-Bannenberg alliance was the radical restyling of windows and the innovative positioning of tenders.With so many builders and yacht brokers marketing "Explorer Yachts" for sale it is worth considering what an Explorer Yacht or Expedition Vessel actually is when navigating the yacht sales market and when talking with your yacht broker.

Interest in such world cruiser vessels has also been a major trend in the yacht brokerage and yacht charter market. Nowadays one can build a new explorer yacht at very competitive prices and there is a developed brokerage market.

In general, an explorer yacht is a motor yacht designed and built for a longer range of a minimum 4, nautical miles, capable of handling extreme sea conditions of wind and waves, in culmination with the ability to carry larger tenders and toys in comparison to yachts in the same size range. At the more extreme end yachts may be "Ice Classed" to ensure safe navigation in Polar regions. The requirement for long range therefore generally requires an explorer yacht design to have much larger fuel tanks, smaller engines and much lower fuel consumption.

The ability to handle rough sea conditions generally requires a displacement hull form, a steel hull, and a superstructure from aluminium. To be operational for long periods many miles from home no use trying to cross the Atlantic with an empty freezer or to operate in far off charter destinations requires considerable storage capacity and a corresponding high volume or Gross Tonnage compared to the overall length of the yacht.

Crew areas must be designed to take into account many months at sea.

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Special attention must be paid to noise and vibration to ensure that such ocean yachts are extremely quiet. Reliability and independence are vital factors in an explorer yacht: this means large and easy to access engine rooms, over -engineered and accessible systems and technical spaces similar to commercial vessels to ensure that the vessel can be kept running at all times.

The sturdiness and seaworthiness required to take on all seas requires design characteristics that allow the vessel to be able to take on rough seas.

So design considerations to look out for when looking at explorer yachts for sale may include bigger freeing ports on the fore-deck to allow water to escape quicklyreverse sheer windows allowing greater visibility, stronger, less vulnerable glass a Portuguese bridge to protect the pilot house and also crew access to the forward areas of the yachtwith wide side decks and high gunwales to allow safe movement around the vessel in all conditions.

Our brokers are experts in the explorer yacht market. We can share valuable market intelligence with your yacht manager or exterior designer to advise on all aspects of explorer yacht construction or in selling your yacht. POA Eurocraft 44m Explorer. AvA Yachts Kando Numarine 32XP. Ava Yachts Kando Series Tansu Tigershark. Bering 77 Moonen Moonen. Hartman Yachts Livingstone CN Di Pesaro Naumachos AvA Yachts Natalya 86 Displacement.

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Yacht Search Sales Charter. Max Year:.Explorer yachts are built with world cruising in mind. For divers, fishing enthusiasts, lovers of wildlife, and those who want to get off the beaten track, explorer yachts are a magnificent choice, as they come with a distinct sense of adventure and the opportunity to go anywhere. Because they are designed for long voyages, explorer yachts are often packed with special features for guests to enjoy on board, such as gyms, saunas, spas, and cinemas.

Fraser has 20 offices and a sales fleet that spans the globe. Having sold more yachts than any other brokerage for eight years running, Fraser is the perfect brokerage to find you the right explorer yacht for sale. Buy Buy a yacht. Why choose us? Contact a Yacht Broker. Sell a yacht.

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Selling a Berth. Charter a yacht. Manage a Yacht. Plastic Oceans. Build a Yacht. The Build Process Choosing a Shipyard. Choosing a Designer Contact a Project Manager. About Fraser. Explorer Yachts for Sale. Add to Compare. Follow us:. Yachts for sale Sell your yacht Motor yacht Sailing yacht Explorer yacht. Mediterranean Caribbean Motor yacht Sailing yacht Explorer yacht. If you would like further information about the information that we store please visit our legal and privacy page.On the surface, this issue of PILOT is about aspiration and expansion, illustrated by our new facility in Amsterdam and the new second hall in Makkum.

But dive below deck and you realise the theme that defines this issue most is family. More specifically, the Feadship family. Based in the Netherlands and with roots dating back toFeadship is recognised as the world leader in the field of pure custom superyachts. Because every new Feadship is the best we ever built, all boats in our fleet set a new standard in terms of craftsmanship, design, engineering and construction. Feadship is one of an elite group of yacht builders that can truly be said to create custom superyachts.

Custom means starting every project literally with a blank page. It entails designing a bespoke superyacht that is entirely individual and unlike any other in the world.

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Feadship regularly takes part in boat shows and other high-end events around the world. Here is the latest news on where Feadship will be present or represented. Our Story. Our Services. The Feadship Family. Our Story There are yachts and there are Feadships Based in the Netherlands and with roots dating back toFeadship is recognised as the world leader in the field of pure custom superyachts.

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Find out more. Our Services Leave it to the experts Feadship is one of an elite group of yacht builders that can truly be said to create custom superyachts.

Events Feadship regularly takes part in boat shows and other high-end events around the world.

feadship explorer yacht

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Updates from the bridge More updates. Sketching the past, present and future of Feadship design news about 22 days ago. World Superyacht Awards events 05—06 Sep Written by Eva Belanyiova. Other destinations where superyacht PROMISE will be in her element include South America : The Patagonian region has incredible landscapes and a coast only accessible safely by ice-class explorer yachts, and even farther south the Antarctic is teeming with unique wildlife and stories of adventure.

Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "Feadship delivers ice-class expedition yacht Promise". Related News. Popular News this Week. Popular News this Month. Latest News. Feadship delivers ice-class expedition yacht Promise December 10, Quick Enquiry.

Search for something:. Vancouver Important travel details, key attractions and the America The United States of America offers a broad, Popular 10 Extravagant luxury charter yacht interiors that will leave you in awe. Ten recent charter yacht launches you need to know about. Top 10 charter yachts with classic interior. Newly-refitted luxury yacht Bagheera available for charters among the stunning Balearic Islands.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Designed to proudly show off her explorer capabilities, the industrial exterior of superyacht SHERPA definitely makes her one of the most unmistakable yachts ever designed. Known as Feadship during her build phase, the shipyard have revealed that her owner is an experienced yachtsman who plans to use her for adventuring. Whilst her name refers to people renowned for their skills in mountaineering, superyacht SHERPA combines her outstanding performance with all of the comforts and luxuries common to modern superyachts.

The large hull door on the starboard side, for example, can be folded out to produce a vast beach club area with a flush flow for guests to cool off around when in warmer climates. Alternatively, the observatory on the bridge deck and the salon area beneath the helideck will prove perfect for when SHERPA is cruising in tougher territories.

A further testament to her versatility, this flexible cabin configuration will no doubt allow the owner a greater freedom when inviting guests on board. Due to be christened sometime later this year, there are currently no published images of her interior, though it is believed that it is finished modern standard. This subtle nod to the mothership reveals a distinct connection between to the two vessel and reveals the extreme level of thought and detail that has gone into the design of SHERPA.

This is a small selection of the global luxury yacht charter fleet, with motor yachts, sail yachts, explorer yachts and catamarans to choose from including superyachts and megayachts, the world is your oyster. Why search for your ideal yacht charter vacation anywhere else? YachtCharterFleet makes it easy to find the yacht charter vacation that is right for you. We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website.

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Which yacht stars in the TV series 'Succession'? Back to Industry News. Latest Industry News. Amels launches 74m Limited Editions superyacht 2 April Yacht Reviews. Khalilah Bold looks and a formidable performance, this yacht makes a statement.

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feadship explorer yacht

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